The Company

Interquímica Comércio e Indústria de Produtos Químicos Ltda. started its activities in June 1986, in Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul-Brazil, through the initiative of its director, Valdemar L. Lawall. In the following year, 1987, the company is transferred to its own premises in the city of São Leopoldo, also in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. In the same year, Interquímica starts its activities in the distribution of products sourced from several international companies.

Interquímica Headquarters
Interquímica Branch

Currently, Interquímica's headquarters are located at Rio Grande do Sul by the roadside of one of the major highways in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (Highway RS 240), and at Mauá (SP) next to Rodoanel, one of the most important roads. The aim is to have new clients in the region and to serve quickly the ones that we already have. We are located at Condomínio Empresarial, on Rua Rosa Kasinski, 1109, along with all safety and modernity in order to assure the quality and the ability of the brand.

Interquímica has been playing in the Latin Market for 23 years along with a 45-year international history through their board of directors, the company has increased storage capacity in more than 35%, which guarantees evolution and turnover as well as product portfolio.

Interquímica's warehouses are structured to allow for high storage capacities. In addition, the most modern international logistics procedures are used to interact with the 16 international corporations with which the company does business. They are part of a technical and creative team, whose focus is placed on security and quality to meet customers' needs.