Functional Fillers to Elastomers

03/12/2015 | Company News
Functional Fillers from Hoffmann Mineral: Neuburg Siliceous Earth is unique in the world. Until today, deposits of this mineral have only been found near Neuburg on the Danube in Bavaria.
Find on this Article, applications and advantages for Functional Fillers.
All Functional Fillers are avaliable on Interquímica Brazil.
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Interquímica and Lanxess are working together

13/12/2014 | Company News
INTERQUÍMICA annouces new partnership with the World’s Largest Synthetic Rubber Producer: LANXESS.
LANXESS has the most complete line of synthetic rubber for different industrial segments.
All Product Line below can be found at INTERQUÍMICA in São Leopoldo-RS, as well as a tour branch in Mauá-SP:

We are prepared to support all yours technical and commercial request.
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Merry Christmas

12/12/2014 | Company News

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Interquímica at Expobor 2012

24/05/2012 | Company News

Interquímica at Expobor 2012
We appreciate the prestige of all customers and suppliers who were with us in 2012 Expobor that made Interquímica to succeed in an event.
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IsoQure ZnO 25 CC – New Technology for Zinc Oxide which is focused on proportion and cost reduction

26/09/2011 | Company News
Interquímica and Abtb offered a talk about Zinc Oxide – how to reduce cost and proportion in Jaraguá do Sul, Santa Catarina, Brazil on September 15, 2011, as well as a dinner to professionals from the region.
Currently there is a worldwide pressure in order to reduce zinc oxide level in a wide range of products, also in rubber compounds, due to a...
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Interquímica's tree donation to Gramado/RS

27/05/2011 | Company News

Mr. Carlos Brezolin (Gramado's Agricultural Technician), Janice Lawall (Interquímica) e Mr. Nelson Broering (Gramado's Secretary for Environment).
Interquímica sent a Satisfaction Survey to clients as well as committed itself to donate tree seedlings to contribute to the environment in 2010. After several contacts and effort, Secretaria do Meio Ambiente in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, having as the contact person Mr....
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Interquímica in Mauá, São Paulo, Brazil has been recommended for ISO 9001:2008

17/12/2010 | Company News

Interquímica's Team and Guilherme Carvalho Ruivo from BV.

Our goal is now a reality! Interquímica is highly honored to inform clients and suppliers that the branch in Mauá, São Paulo, Brazil has been recommended for ISO 9001, version 2008 on December 10, 2010.
ISO implementation at the branch in less than one year was part of Interquimica’s timetable since...
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Interquímica opens a Distribution Center in Mauá, São Paulo, Brazil

02/12/2009 | Company News
INTERQUÍMICA will be in Mauá, São Paulo, Brazil in December, 2009, and the company will be next to Rodoanel, one of the most important roads.
The aim is to have new clients in the region and to serve quickly the ones that we already have. We are going to be located at Condomínio Empresarial, on Rua Rosa Kasinski, 1109, along with all safety...
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Interquimica has been recommended for ISO 9001/2000 recertification

10/10/2008 | Company News
On October 8 and 9, 2008, we had BVQI Certification Body for recertification auditing at Interquimica.
The auditing was a big success, the processes were verified and at the end of October 9, we will have received the recommendation for ISO 9001/2000 recertification.
Including the scope:
We are...
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